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SC approved Qingqi will operate in the streets

Faryal Nadeem Mar 30, 2017
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The recent order of Supreme Court says that Qingqi rickshaws must be banned and only SC approved rickshaws from particular manufacturers are allowed to run in the streets.

The decision has been finalized on this Wednesday when court head appeals to ban the Qingqi rickshaws. It is the local mode of transportation, which has a wagon, and motorbike pulls it by carrying six passengers. Only some of the manufacturers are licensed, and provide approved Qingqi rickshaws.

Justice Gulzar Ahmed, have stated that buses, which are dated to 1950s, or rickety rickshaws must be banned to operate on streets. He mentioned that Qingqi rickshaws are dangerous and there are many serious accidents which occur on daily basis because of these rickshaws.

The state prosecutor also told the court that in Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab, Qingqi rickshaws are ban and are titled as illegal. The government does not have any database about the Qingqi rickshaws neither any official information.  People must need to utilize Green Bus, Metro or Orange Line instead of Qingqi. The streets are full of these rickshaws. He mentioned that Government must have to take immediate action against this issue before the problem gets massive. People are trying to get employed through alternate methods and make arrangements and adjustments accordingly. Government will now rehabilitate and have to provide employment to the people who will be affected by this decision.

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