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First Muslim Ali Javed joined NYPD`s ESU

Faryal Nadeem Mar 30, 2017
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Ali Javed has carved the history by being the first Pakistani Muslim to adhere to the police department. He is the first officer of the New York city police department Emergency Service Unit. In the tweet, NYPD Muslim officers concluded that “Sgt. Ali Javed have made the history and has become the first Muslim American and Pakistani American who have joined the elite NYPD ESU to protect New York City.”

He will contribute his services to the NY city.

This march on 27th, Adil Haider was entitled as the Pakistani-American doctor who is selected to receive Ellis Island Medal of Honor. He is also one of the US immigrants who is selected for the civilian award. The award is gifted to the immigrants so that they will excel in their field. Dr. Haider is the talented person who attended Saint Patricks High School in Pakistan, Karachi. Later on he completed the medical education 1998 from Agha Khan Hospital University.

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