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Pakistan girl teaching in Hunza after leaving the six-figure job

Faryal Nadeem Mar 29, 2017
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The idea or to fanaticize to teach the students in a village especially after leaving the six figure job is easier said than done. Especially for someone who can reach and get a tremendous career growth. It is very hard to leave a comfortable and luxurious life and shift to a small valley of Misgar with no connection to amenities. However, a 26-year-old girl of Islamabad Marvi Soomro has made this inspiring attempt.

She quit her job of software engineer and then moved to the small town of Misgar. She prefers to teach children in the valley of Misgar. This proves that she is compelled toward her goal. Marvi actually wanted to empower the communities and children. She will surely progress at a gradual rate. It was her first step to collaborate with a local school to engage with the kids and reform education with adolescents with art and education.

The story of Soomro is inspirational and even unique. Soomro is not any policy student, or the educationist neither a professional of development sector. She is a simple girl whois ambitious to achieve. Soomro is mature and wants to contribute her services as a teacher at such a young age. She was working as Oracle Financials consultants in IT sector and completed her graduation in 2012. She has the ability to develop and grow in her career. But realized that this would will not inspire anyone. She leads in the projects and also traveled abroad and lived in Manila. However, Soomro wanted to achieve her passion in short time and definitely wanted to do something extraordinary.

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In 2016, she seeked an opportunity and pursue her dreams by teaching the children of the small town Misgar. Itis a small valley which has total 150 houses. People in Misgar live in the mud houses and cook food on wood. People have a simple and primitive lifestyle. The Valley owns a powerhouse from where they generate electricity.

Soomro told media that natives of the valley are open and warm. It never felt to her that she is an outsider. She said that Marvi is comfortable in her lifestyle. She does not had to wear Shalwar Kameez and is living just like she was in Islamabad. She continued to wear sweaters and jeans. Soomro fell in love with surroundings and extended her trip because she actually wants to travel north and has never seen such an amazing place.

“When you have to live in a small community, so you need to integrate into the stories and culture beautifully. Misgar has become a community consisting of beautiful and amazing people. It has a beautiful culture, and in seven days I felt the need to start a developing program and will surely hire volunteers”.

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She returned to Islamabad and started a program called “INNOVATE EDUCATE INSPIRE PAKISTAN” to build a curriculum and plan ideology of education, inspiration, and innovation as well as the recruited volunteers. The program had two parts, the art and the academic teacher programmer where she recruited volunteers for them.

Talking about accommodation, Misgar has contacted Sehat Rahim who is a member of wildlife conservation society. He has taken care of the logistics, which helps to reach with her team. After the eight volunteers in the valley, he showed decent and small bedrooms in the house with amazing garden which consists of apple and apricot trees.

The hut I rented was of 2500 Rs per month, doesn’t even get you a three-piece suit in Islamabad. The basic and simple things you will get in Misgar. A kitchen tent is set up in the lawn because nowadays weather is great and good.


Even though it is a drastic change especially for Soomro because she is living miles away from home and waking early to get her breakfast. At the hard time she felt that she wants to go back home. During winters her hands freeze while doing the dishes. But she fell in love with her students and the innocent children. She finds simply no reason to go back to her hometown Islamabad.

She has worked hard to open the world of opportunities, and she taught the children more than a book or curriculum. She educated the students about the surroundings of their small valley Misgar and delivered knowledge beyond it. Even though, she has helped many people to broaden their perspectives which will surely leave Misgar with an exceptional gift.


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