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Edhi Air Ambulance service will soon be launched

Faryal Nadeem Mar 28, 2017
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Faisal Edhi is resuming his Edhi Air Ambulance service after the span of three years. Faisal Edhi is the head of the foundation after the late philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi. He will soon start flying the Air Edhi ambulance service which will assist the patients during emergencies. He will fly the aircraft himself, just like his father who used to drive ambulances of Edhi Foundation several years ago.

Faisal Edhi stated that “I completed the flying course of 40 hours with the instructor and had done two hours of solo flight training at a flying school in England in 2001”. He further added, “I am a trained pilot but still could not get a license because UN sent an invitation to Edhi and his father wanted him to return Pakistan and present his services there.”

However, he got busy with the work and did not get a chance to get a license. He also mentioned that “I have a dream to expand the Edhi Foundation with its exceptional services. The new air ambulance will inevitably target the areas and help the patients to rescue or assist at the time of emergency. ”

Faisal Edhi will soon be flying the aircraft himself after redoing his flying course from Pakistan or abroad. He recalled that “My instructors get amazed when I get smooth landing and when the aircraft touches the runway it never felt on the ground.” Faisal will fly the plane himself at the time of emergency and in the absence of other pilots.

The death of the Chief Pilot Captain Imtiaz is the main reason that air ambulance was shut down but now the services will be resumed, and soon he will get a license and approved by the Civil Aviation Authority. However, this week the air ambulance will get the approval to fly soon.

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With the fantastic new service, Precious lives will be saved in case of accidents and emergencies or when road access is blocked because of floods and earthquakes. The service is provided free of cost, but in other cases, it will charge Rs 70,000 to Rs 80,000 per hour.

Recently the foundation owns six seater, Piper Seneca. Both of the engines have been replaced as the previous engines have completed their flying hours. At least 15 million was the total cost spent on the airworthiness of aircraft. The new pilot will be soon hired with the ground technical team to make the aircraft operational. The service had to start during 80`s, but due to the financial and logistics issues, it was given a break.

Faisal also told the media that he is planning to buy more aircraft for the service and currently he is planning to buy Cessna Grand Caravan single engine, which is a 14 seater aircraft. It will help to increase the fleet of the air services. However, flying at the night time will not be entertained but at the time of emergency, landing will be done even on roads.

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