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Welcome to the new CEO of UBL: Sima Kamil

Faryal Nadeem Mar 27, 2017
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The board of directors has made much-awaited announcement at UBL, the banking sector. They have appointed Sima Kamil as the new CEO and President of UBL. Wajahat Hussain was the ex-CEO of UBL but now Deputy CEO duties will be served by Sima. She will take her position on 1st June 2017 after the proper approval of regulatory authority as per proper and fit test. The State Bank of Pakistan will provide the clearance certificate.

Wajahat Hussain will continue his work on the contract until May 31st, 2017. Afterward, he will not provide his services to the bank as any role not even as a director. He is also not interested in renewing the contract at bank.

Let’s take a look at the profile of Sima Kamil

Sima Kamil is the first CEO female in the major bank of Pakistan. Many women in the banking industry assumed to be at the role of CEO and as a President of First Women Bank Limited.

Sima is providing her services as a Banker for more than 25 years. Since 2011, she served as a Head of Branch Banking at HBL responsible for operating more than 1600 network of branches including consumer, real banking, wealth management, SME and retail segment.

Sima is a leading woman who is contributing her services for the HBLs Women Market program. Her current profile is also very active and she is working as Director of HBL Asset Management Co. Ltd, Board of NotreDame Institute of Education and Chair of Board of Governors of Karachi Grammar School.

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She got her qualification from Kingston University, the UK and got her MBA from City University London.

Profile of the CEO Wajahat Hussain

Wajahat Hussain is associated with UBL from a long time and was appointed as President and CEO in 2014 after the departure of Atif Bokhari who joined as NIB Bank as CEO and President.

Before his services as the CEO, his last position was as Senior Executive Vice President, who was responsible for managing the international bank deals, which comprise of subsidiaries, associate companies, representative offices, and branches.

He highlighted weeks ago when Central Bank stopped him from attending the conference of bankers in Thailand. Rumors were all over that he will be fired by the banking regulatory and has been rejected by the bank authorities.

The controversies continued that an inquiry will be filed against him for concealing wealth overseas.

The board of directors also mentioned his services for bank due to which the Bank won the prestigious awards.

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