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PIA Scandal again hit the news

Faryal Nadeem Mar 27, 2017
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The FIA has expanded their scope of inquiry and is taking serious action against the PIA officials. The news has emerged that the PIA management sold one A-310 aircraft to a company in German. They sold the aircraft at a throwaway price just a few months ago.

According to toe the FIA sources, they claim that the airplane is handed to the German company. However, it is reported as the third corruption scandal which has hit the news. FIA is taking serious action, and conducted an inquiry for the lease of A-320 and A-330 planes at magnified rates.

Talking about the new scandal, the sources reports that in October 2016, interested parties were giving offers until December 2016 to sell the A-310 plane but aircraft was sold before the date of the advertisement.

PIA spokesman said that the aircraft was in Germany and participated in a museum and an exhibition as Leipzig expressed the desire to buy it. However, the airplane is still a property of PIA and not yet sold.

But according to FIA report, the airplane was hired by Malta company for 10 days with a payment of 210000 Euros while the same aircraft was sold to a German company in 45500 Euros.

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The investigation company claims that aircraft was worthy of $3.51 million. The plane was flightworthy and was issued against an official certificate before it has been taken to Malta for a shoot. The airplane was sent to a German museum. The national asset has been illegally sold without the approval of PIA board of directors. Senator demanded an investigation and filed a FIR against PIA CEO who was involved and know about this deal. When FIA contacted PIA, their spokesman told

“A-310 is a fuel guzzling, old aircraft which was integrated with obsolete technology and there are only a few airlines which are operating, and most of them are used for cargo operations. According to the Pakistan National Aviation Policy, ay aircraft which is older than 20 years can not be considered as flight worthy for Pakistan airline.

PIA retired its fleet of aging Airbus A310s n December 31, 2016. When the PIA aircraft was grounded, the average age was 24 years.


To dispose of the four aircraft of A-310, PIA initiate a tendering process in which it was stated that these aircraft are fit to fly and are being used by PIA.

So PIA advertised twice in August and the in November last year about these aircraft, but no buyer was interested in buying it.”

Currently, one aircraft was displayed in Germany, and a museum expressed the desire to by the plane to keep it in the museum as a symbol of livery and PIA would be able to make its presence in Europe.

However, remaining three aircraft are still at Karachi airport and no one showed interest to buy these aircraft.

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