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Karachi is the 4th Cheapest City in the world

Faryal Nadeem Mar 25, 2017
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The 2017 report conducted by worldwide cost of Living, Karachi is the 4th cheapest city worldwide. The report concluded in 2016 revealed that Karachi is on the 7th number and titled as cheapest city. But now it got on 4th position. The report was based on the survey which is taken twice yearly by The Economist Intelligence Unit. In the survey, more than 400 individual prices across 160 products and service include 133 cities, according to their population and size. Talking about the ten cheapest cities, four are in India and six are Asian.

Being the cheapest city does not mean that the city is best to live in. However, there are many various factors, according to the report to consider:

“an increasing number of locations is becoming cheaper because of the impact of economic and political disruption. The Indian Subcontinent is structurally cheap; the instability is getting prominent in lowering the relative cost of living in a location.”

Even the cheaper cities do offer real income, which the significant level of risk involved.

Singapore has recently retained the title of the world’s most expensive city but for fourth consecutive year. The information, will surely surprise you that Asian and three other countries of Western Europe are the most expensive cities. While the New York is the only listed city from North America.

Following are the names of cities which are cheapest and most expensive in this world.

10 Most Expensive Cities

10. Copenhagen (Denmark)

9. New York (USA)

8. Paris (France)

7. Geneva (Switzerland)

6. Seoul (South Korea)

5. Osaka (Japan)

4. Tokyo (Japan)

3. Zurich (Switzerland)

2. Hong Kong

1. Singapore

10 Cheapest Cities

10.New Delhi (India)

9. Bucharest (Romania)

8. Kiev (Ukraine)

7. Mumbai (India)

6. Chennai (India)

5. Algiers (Algeria)

4. Karachi (Pakistan)

3. Bangalore (India)

2. Lagos (Nigeria)

1. Almaty (Kazakhstan)

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