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FIA warns the banks for obsolete technology of ATMs

Faryal Nadeem Mar 25, 2017
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FIA has warned all of the banks in the country because of using outdated technology to make the ATMs vulnerable. The majority of the banks use technology for ATMs, which is simply vulnerable to fishing and skimming.

The majority of Pakistani banks prefer to use technology for the ATMs which badly needs to be upgraded for the protection of customers; skimming refers to the extraction of data regarding the client and personal information by illegally installing devices with machines.

One similar case was reported when the police caught two Chinese nationals. The information was retrieved in a foreign country where data was used to conduct money transaction through wire.

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FIA`s cell pursued the case and called for up to date technology which needs to be installed in all banks of Pakistan. The agency has instructed the state bank of Pakistan to direct all banks operational here to modify the security software and technology.

However, three arrests have been made with evidence. The first case in the city was reported in June last year after the detention of Chinese nationals in two operations within a year. The first case was reported in June last year after the recent arrests that the scam goes unchecked by banks. Pakistani banks are the easy target for the foreign groups or ATMs do not support advanced security features.

The department called for stricter surveillance of ATMs booths and the training of staffers to smell suspicious activities.

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