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Parents agony: their daughter born with her heart outside of chest

Faryal Nadeem Mar 24, 2017
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Multan—Shaista Zahida, mother of a girl who is 22 years old. She gave birth to a baby girl in Multan, a Government hospital last week. She was shocked to see her daughter heart outside of her body, which is a rare condition. She named her daughter Laraib and her heart was beating outside of her body.

The child is in ICU at Children’s Hospital Lahore and is under observation. The doctors diagnosed her with Ectopia Cordis and are not confirmed about the surgery of the infant. The Ectopia Cordis is a genetic problem, which is very rare and happens in every 126,000 births. Most of the infants in such condition die in the very few days after delivery. Baloch asked for help from the Pakistani Government so that the Baby must be treated in any foreign country for surgery. He mentioned that she looks normal, but parents are worried about their child condition and want to have immediate treatment, which is currently not available in Pakistan.

Doctors have explicitly mentioned that treatment for such case is available in a European country, so the father appealed to the Pakistan and Punjab Government for help.

If government wishes then the girl can be operated as soon as possible and can live a normal life.

Dr. Ibraheem Ansari is taking care of the mother and daughter and mentioned that in his long career he have never witnessed such a case.

The heart of the baby girl is outside of her chest. She looks healthy and is very active. The organ is functioning properly, but still, doctors need to perform surgery to put it back inside the body.

However, a woman in Northeast India also gave birth to a girl who was suffering from the same condition. But doctors managed to save the life of the girl after the treatment.

Let’s pray for the small girl. May she recover soon.

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