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First banknote of Independent Pakistan is displayed in Dubai

Faryal Nadeem Mar 21, 2017
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Dubai—In an exhibition displaying in Dubai, the first banknote of Pakistan after independence has been showcased in Dubai. The note will be displayed on Pakistan day, which is celebrated on March 23rd.

It is displayed at Numisbing, a Dubai-based specialized numismatics company in Deira. The exclusive collection will give collectors and connoisseurs the chance to acquire a part of Pakistan history.

People are very excited to get a glimpse of unique showcase. People can visit the showroom during the entire week while the exhibition will also sell the collection for Dh 20,000. The collection consists of five notes of denominations that are 1, 2,5,10 and 100 rupees.

Only the great collectors are authorized to buy the notes, which start, from Dh1000 onwards.

The obsolete banknotes are of worth from $10 to $10,000. Value is based on the denomination, condition and the issuance of bank. It is true that banknotes can be a better investment than gold, stocks and real estate. Most of the people are interested in retaining the piece of history and passing to generations. However, the note and old currency collection is fascinating.

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Banknotes are the genuine and true artifact of the past, which captures exciting areas in the history. It proves to be a serious organized paper collection money in the early 20th century.

The Pakistani Rupee was modified when Pakistan go independence from British Raj. Initially, Pakistan used Indian coins and notes that were stamped with Pakistan. However, on April 1st, 1948, provisional notes were issued by the Reserve Bank of India and Government of India on behalf of Government of Pakistan. These notes were engraved with the words “Government of Pakistan” in English and “Hakumat-e- Pakistan” in Urdu.