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Pakistani students develop robotic legs for disabled persons

Faryal Nadeem Mar 20, 2017
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Karachi–The Pakistani students have proposed a new idea of wearable robotic legs. It will help the disable people to walk properly. The three students from the Usman Institute of Technology Karachi have developed the idea. They have recently prepared the model for wearable robotic legs. It is specifically designed for the disabled persons.

They can move and function their legs on their own. Adil Hanif, Muhammad Usman, and Moutasim Abbasi are the three bright students who have provided a model.

Moutasim mentioned that

“We have developed the exoskeleton model for paraplegic to assist them in the functions of standing, sitting and walking.”

The boys worked tirelessly for four months at the Pakistan Auto Parts Show which was held at Expo Center in Karachi, they have completed the task of robotic legs and were mentored by the genius professor Engineer Raza Jafri.

They have spent total expense of Ra 150,000/- while constructing the model. According to reports, the battery of robotic legs needs to be charged and can work for 30-49 minutes.

Adil mentioned that the wearable exoskeleton helps the person with paraplegia to get rid of crutches and wheelchairs. He further said that Six motors are attached to the system which will function as the major joints for knees, hips, ankles and will assist the legs positioning the upper body, shank, ankle and thighs.

A person who can weight up to 85 kilograms can use these legs. However, the machine can further be customized or adjusted according to the body weight of the patient.

Moutasim said that

They are planning to commercialize the prototype at a reasonable cost so that disabled people can afford it.

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