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SACP Report: Karachi has the highest prevalence of HIV patients

Faryal Nadeem Mar 19, 2017
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Karachi– The great port city owns highest number of HIV patients all over the province. Sindh AIDS Control Program SACP has revealed the report.

Almost 42,000 HIV patients are in Karachi who still are not seeking any measurement for the disease. Larkana is known as the second city with most HIV patients. The Additional Director Health, Dr. Nadeem Sheikh, spoke about this growing issue and remarked that the rate of HIV patients is growing from the last 20 years. Pakistan is one of the few countries who need awareness regarding HIV/AIDS. SACP is unable to serve the patients because of management and staff member’s issues.

The Health Minister of Sindh, Sikandar Ali Mandhro said that it is important to conclude the HIV screenings in jails as well as in hospitals. People diagnosed with HIV develop infection afterward. The virus affects the immune system, which keeps on getting strong with time. Patients, later on, develop serious illness and end up getting tumors or tuberculosis.

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