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Police is silent on the trading of illegal drugs in Karachi

Faryal Nadeem Mar 17, 2017
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Karachi—Police are playing the role of silent spectators because illegal drugs are traded freely in the city. Not only men but also the women and kids are also getting addicted to the drugs while police have remained silent. According to the report, the Pakistan largest city Karachi is becoming a hub for illegal drugs. Many people are trading the drugs in Lyari openly especially on the stalls and in the premises of Pak Colony police station.

It has been reported that two relatives of Rahman Baloch, Majid, and Sajid run the business of drugs. They own a large share in this business and keep the profit for the police, which is the main reason behind police silence.

Women are also the victims of these drugs the business is dealt in open space. At least 32-armed men provide security to the area on six streets. People who are inside these streets are not allowed to use the phone or to contact any outsider.

Heroine, liquor, weed and crystal ice is available freely in this area. It is estimated that one day earning is around four million rupees. Rangers have completed the operations but the influential mafia takes position within hours and business goes like this.

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