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Delegation from Facebook will resolve the issue of blasphemous content in Pakistan

Faryal Nadeem Mar 17, 2017
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Islamabad–Facebook is well aware of the fact and the issue currently going on in Pakistan regarding the blasphemous content. Facebook does not want Pakistani Government to ban the social media due to which delegation will resolve the matters. The news has been confirmed by the Ministry of Interior spokesperson who also added that the management of Facebook is well aware and wants to solve the issue with mutual consultation.

PTA has appointed a focal person to be in constant contact with website administration. Pakistani Government also solves the issue earlier when the objectionable content and the blasphemous material were accessible on various social platforms.

Ch. Nisar, which is the Interior Minister, said that he would go to any extent to ensure that blasphemous content must be removed from social websites.

Facebook have recognized the gravity of the matter and agrees to resolve the issue with the Pakistani government. However, when Facebook asked about the development, the spokesperson denied to comment on meetings with government.