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In world, Pakistani women are at top for accessing explicit content on mobiles

Amna Ansar Mar 16, 2017
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A renowned and well-developed content site has unveiled its most recent activity details.

In a report titled “Nations with the Largest Proportion of Mobile Use by Women”, it has been revealed that the proportion of Pakistani women visiting the website on phones is 86%.

This implies that Pakistani women feel more versatile to visit explicit content on mobiles than desktops or any other gadgets.

Pakistan is world’s largest country where women express substance on mobile phones.

Whereas the ratio of Pakistani men visiting the explicit content from the cell phone is 12 percent lower than Pakistani ladies. The proportion of males who access explicit content from mobile phones is 74 percent.

In Muslim countries, Pakistan is ranked at the top and is followed by Malaysia at seventh. India is positioned at fifth position.

While South Africa, UK, and the US are at top of the list. The reports unveiled that Pakistani women are not the one who visits the website more often but it’s just that when they do, it’s on mobile most of the time.

Whereas the proportion of female traffic from Pakistan is very low.

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