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Pakistan owns Billion-tree tsunami

Faryal Nadeem Mar 16, 2017
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Islamabad—The Pakistan, is getting greener day by day. In almost a year three-quarters of billion new trees were planted and by being a part of tree tsunami. The main aim of the project is to reverse the forest loss.

The senior director of programs for WWF Pakistan Rab Nawaz said that “it is the success on the ground which is actually phenomenal. It is not about planting trees and making the environment greener but about changing attitudes. ” Rab Nawaz have helped the team in the tree planting project.

What is Billion Tree Tsunami about?

The “Billion Tree Tsunami” involves plantation of trees through natural regeneration and plantation. The process is backed with cricketing legend Imran Khan who also governs PTI in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. It aims to turn deforestation by increasing the province forested area by at least 2 percent.

The constant tree falling has reduced the forests in Pakistan. Pakistan does not own at least 2% of land area which consists of trees. However, about 40% remaining trees or forests are only in KP where Khan’s tree planting effort will surely hit the goal of billion by the end of 2017.

The reforestation effort by the provincial government has helped many nurseries across the province. Loans and purchase agreements are provided to numerous people for the tree saplings. The chairman of the area Green Growth Initiative Malik Amin Aslam have already spent Rs. 11 billion on the project.

There are total 13,000 private and government nurseries who are providing thousands of saplings including tree varieties, walnuts, pines, and eucalyptus. The plantations have provided 40% of new trees in KP. The small plantations present in KP are producing 25,000 saplings which are set up with cash advances and guaranteed agreement. Small nurseries can earn Rs12,000 to Rs15,00 per month which is a sizeable and reliable income for rural villagers.

With this project, an estimated 500,000 Green jobs have created which have employed rural women and the unemployed youth. This is the best way that people get awareness about forests. Aslam told that regeneration effort is monitored by the provincial forest department and WWF Pakistan.

Nawaz mentioned that he returned from three days looking at 2.5 million trees in the province. The restoration process is an incredible achievement for the forest department and the local communities. No matter whether you support PTI or not, this is an economic, social and environmental success for other provinces.

The project is monitored by modern technology and also includes GPS coordinates of all plantations with a live tree counter.

The project is for the future of Pakistan which will provide the green breathable environment and green jobs. Imran Khan has forced a complete ban on the felling and cutting of trees. The project started under the Bonn Challenge which is a global partnership aim to restore 150 million hectares of world deforestation by 2020. However, KP is the only province which is registered under this challenge and committed to restore 380,000 hectares of forests and achieved 80 % success.

The project is getting popular day by day that the PM Nawaz Shareef has started his own Green Pakistan Program. The aim of the program is to plant 100 million trees all over the country in the upcoming five years.