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Foodpanda Desi #FoodRun is on with TSG`s SWOT-on-Wheels

Faryal Nadeem Mar 16, 2017
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Karachi—Recently Karachi is celebrating desi food primitive tradition along with foodpanda. Foodpanda is a well known online food ordering company. However, now it is the right time to shred off your diet plans and try out the live food filled, palate satisfying spicy desi food. A group of at least 20 dies hard foodies, and local bloggers just boarded on the foodpanda stunning and lively painted orange colored bus last Sunday and explored Karachi. Let’s take you to the tour.

All of the group members have come together for the sake of discovering the authentic flavors. Foodpanda requested TSG`s SWOT-on-Wheels food to provide a tour service and cover the major streets of the city including New Town Masjid, Guru Mandir, Dhoraji, Alamgir Road and Burns Road. All of these places are blessed with a colorful heritage of Karachi mainly regarding food.

The tour started at 6 PM sharp when the group with empty stomachs, headed towards the Burns Road to enjoy the Waheed’s Nihari and Fry Kabab. Foodie Squad enjoyed the aromatic golden gravy with a tender of beef, which is juicy and accompanied with sliced green chilies and ginger. Seriously, no one was able to resist because it was served with Karak naans.

Next serving was Waheed’s Signature runny, butter fried Kebabs. The velvety texture kebabs melted in the mouth and no one was able to hold back.

Next, the group flocked towards Hanifa who is the originators of Hunter Beef Burgers in Karachi. The burger had a Dry hunter beef patty, which was topped with cucumber slices and tomato all, assembled in a soft bun. The snack was flavorful and yummy. It was served with Tangy sauce.

Next, they were served with the refreshing and light sugarcane juice from ice cool, which helped them to beat the sun heat.

Having a desi food and you will forget Bar B Que, How is that possible? The next stop was Meerut Kebab House that is at Guru Mandir. They had a perfect food combination, served with paratha. The piece of chicken was flavorful and was accompanied with green chilies and ginger on top. There was particular imli ki chutney that tantalizes the taste buds.

Then they all walked to Saleem milk shop for Lassi. For the foodies, Lassi provides strength to the appetite. There was a Lassi competition where one TSG won, the trip got more thrilling and exciting when everyone gulped the Lassi in no time.

If you have never tasted Dhaaga Kebab and Shahi Chatakh, then Zameer Ansari perfectly cook these items and serve them with chutney. Malai Boti was accompanied with a delicious sauce, and you have to eat it with Chapati and paratha. Alamgir Lach Haydar paratha was truly yum.

Chai completes all type of meals. They had chai Patti from Quetta Alamgir with a blessing cup. Everyone loved the chai and did not want to spare a sip of tea. Each paratha was shared with a group of four.

Bus routed to the last stop Saleem Qadir Uncle Gola at Dhoraji. He presented red, yellow; green syrups crushed ice following with the threads of condensed milk. You will surely feel that you have a rainbow. The food hunt was amazing and all of these items are appetizing from foodpanda.