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Controversy of wearing scarf in Pakistan

Faryal Nadeem Mar 16, 2017
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According to the recent news, the new court order in Europe has banned the scarf. All of the European companies have prevented their employees to wear headscarves or to cover their heads with any other cloth. However, the apex court in Europe has said that such policy is equal for employees where they can wear an uncontroversial dress. Such bans cannot be imposed on request of customers. The case started when a receptionist got fired from the G four S company on wearing hijab in Belgium. The Belgium court sent this matter to the European Court for justice.

After this act, the Punjab Higher Education Minister Syed Raza Ali Gilani made the hijab mandatory for all the Government college girls and also offering them 5% extra marks for covering themselves properly in college premises.

He mentioned that the Hijab wearing students who are not so bright or fail to fulfill required attendance could easily get benefit from the education department. Later on 14th March 2017, the Government of Punjab clarified on Twitter that This is wrong news and such policy announced by the Government of Punjab.

The information secretary Raja Jahangir said that the minister couldn’t make such rules on his own. There was no approval from the cabinet on this matter. Therefore, Punjab cabinet has received no such summary or issue from the higher education department.

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