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Pakistani UIT students develop robotics legs to help disabled

Amna Ansar Mar 15, 2017
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Three students of Karachi’s Usman Institute of Technology developed a model of robotic legs which will aid disabled people to move on their own.

The model by students was showcased at Pakistan Auto Parts Show (PAPS) at Expo Center Karachi.

Moutasim Abbasi, one of the leaders of the project told: “this model is developed for the paraplegics to assist them in sitting, standing and walking.”

The model costs around Rs150,000 for its preparation. These robotic legs function on the motor and fully charged battery of the robot only works for 30-40 minutes.

The device comprises of six motors which work as an alternative for major joints like hips, knees, ankles and for positioning the upper body, thighs, shank and ankle.

Robotic legs have tendency to provide support to a person weighing 85 kilograms. The weight bearing limit can be increased by enhancing different features like motors, hydraulics, and mechanical structure.

The group of people worked under the supervision of Associate Professor Engineer Raza Jafri.

Such projects are beneficial for the country and paralyzed people to walk on their own.

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