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IP addresses of the CSS exam Leak alleged tracked by FIA

Faryal Nadeem Mar 15, 2017
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A new measure has been taken for the CSS exam leak case. FIA have traced at least 4 IPS of the person who have leaked the papers. The process started 2 months before when the Facebook user Sadia Kousar have leaked the CSS questions on the social platform. The person who was operating the account leaked exam papers on January 26th, just 3 weeks before the exam was dated.

According to the source, the questions mentioned in the leaked papers were same which were on February 16th. Rumors are circulating that there are secret social groups who are selling CSS documents in a price range of Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 80,000. Students can access the question papers by using a specified pin, which will be assigned after clearing payment. FPSC have launched investigation and denied these allegations by responding to the media that

According to the news, availability of question paper is on a social platform especially of the compulsory papers of CSS 2017 exams. The papers are leaked before the actual conduct of exam. It has been reported that the leaked questions were quite similar to the ones in the paper.

However, we are taking reliable and secure measures to maintain the confidentiality of the papers. To maintain secrecy or other related information at FPSC, we will take immediate measures. There must be certain people who are involved in making such attempt. The matter is serious, and FIA will investigate to probe the matter.

FIA have managed to get 4 IP addresses which are linked to FB account. Agency claims that there are thousands of other users associated on these IPs, so it is impossible to track the culprit. It will surely take 2 months to complete the investigation.

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