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Bright and intelligent Medical student dies before starting house job

Faryal Nadeem Mar 13, 2017
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Islamabad—Anam Rustam is a medical student of pioneer batch FMDC (Federal Medical and Dental College) passed away at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, which is known as PIMS. It is the same hospital where she was about to start her house job.

Anam dies because of a gas leak that causes an excess of carbon monoxide in the room. Her instant water heater was fixed in a bathroom and leaked even after being off. However, Anam reached PIMS after four days because ambulances cannot travel because of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) Summit. For four days, she was treated in a private hospital and then shifted to PIMS.

Anam was a talented scholarship-winning student who got her primary education up to MBBS degree. FMDC also announced a cash prize as well as a gold medal for Anam by her performance in college. Her father, Rustam Khan who is a superintendent at National Institute of Health, lives in Chak Shehzad states that it is all because of the gas leak.

My daughter went to the bathroom and took a shower around 8 PM on February 28, and she did not come out for hours. Later on, we tried to call her, but there was no response. However, we managed to break the door and found her unconscious.

We then take her to a hospital near NIH where doctors provided her first aid immediately. Then the doctors suggested to shift Anam to PIMS and were provided with an ambulance, but unfortunately, the ambulance was stopped near the Murree Road because Kashmir Avenue was completely blocked for ECO Summit.

Then we rushed to Faizabad and shifted her immediately near the private hospital where she was admitted for four days. On March 4, the management of FMDC shifted her to PIMS and put her on a ventilator but she left the world on March 5.

However, Anam`s father requested the government that ambulances must not be stopped especially for security reasons. He also asked the government to introduce a scholarship in her name so that she will be remembered all her life. She was a brilliant student who won scholarships till her MBBS

The Vice Chancellor Dr. Javed Akram said that the incident is a loss for the entire state because FMC spent a significant amount on Anam so that she can achieve her dreams to be a doctor. He added that she was in a pioneer batch 2013, a good debater, athlete and a brilliant student.

Anam Gold Medal will be awarded based on the extracurricular and curricular performance. The prize money of Rs 100,000 will be given to one student every year. This year Anam father will be given the medal, and next year every student will be awarded.