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Young Sword women from Orangi Town Pakistan

Amna Ansar Mar 09, 2017
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The commonality between Game of Thrones and an Orangi Town is their fencing matches. Students of a government school of Orangi town learn the sport of fencing. For learning Fencing, swordsmanship talents are required. Girls learn to fence once their classes finish.

A girl getting training expressed “After our school timings we learn lots of sports including fencing, throw ball and judo at our school. We really love being trained for fencing. We also want to play at an international level.”

Fencing is a kind of game in which two players fight with swords. Fencing is one of the first games played at the national level. During the game, players wear to jacket, glove and head gear as protective gear.

Though in Pakistan there is no much scope of this game but still these swordswomen are really passionate about the game. They claimed that they will continue to learn and play fencing whether there will be enough facilities available or not.

“We will continue to play for our school and country, no matter what the circumstances will be,” said the ambitious girls.

It is considered that if 50 percent of the money spent on male athletes was spent on women, they could prove themselves as good players.

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