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70cc new automatic Motorcycle is booming auto sector in Pakistan

Faryal Nadeem Mar 09, 2017
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The automobile industry in Pakistan is expanding at a rapid rate. Many famous and foreign companies have done a great investment in Pakistan auto-sector.

However, after the Volkswagen, Volvo and other car companies, the motorcycle industry have also experienced a rapid change, it is true that not everyone is capable of affording a luxury car, so Motorcycle proves to a realistic option.

It is true that Bikes are also moving towards effectiveness and cost efficiency. The manufacturers of motorcycles aim to emulate with the semi-automatic or completely automatic gearboxes.

The Superpower Company introduced an automatic scooter in Pakistan and did not get a great response. While Union Star also introduced the same technology and launched fantastic 70cc bike.

The technology proves to be useful and beneficial for the female drivers who make motorcycles very easy to operate. Take a look at the bike.


Just like normal bikes, the automatic bikes have no clutch, kick or gearbox. The 70cc bike uses direct drive technology for the operation. Many numerous sources such as 4- transmission bike have a single cylinder engine, which holds petrol up to 9 liters.

The price of bike is reasonable and cost around 45,000 rupees.

The automatic bike will surely be great and is easy to utilize. It is launched now, so there is no feedback. The bike is user-friendly and operates quickly. Automatic bikes in Pakistan do not gain popularity because people do not leave manual transmissions and their comfort zone.

People do love Honda CG125 because it is simple and durable. This bike is fully assembled in Pakistan and gives a significant economic factor. The bike is fully automatic and improves the reliability.