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Pakistani Students can avail the Full Bright Scholarship for Masters and Ph.D. in US

Faryal Nadeem Mar 08, 2017
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The dream of millions of students will become true because the most respected institutions in Pakistan will be offering scholarships to the brilliant individuals who will strive hard to change the face of the world. However, many students will be able to fulfill their dream and can follow the path to get the ideal jobs. So avail the USEFP`s Fulbright scholarship program.

What does Fullbright mean?

Fullbright is a flagship scholarship program offered in the US. It is managed by US education foundation in Pakistan. The scholarship is designed for the Pakistani citizens and provides the opportunity to the students to study for Ph.D. and Master’s degree program at US University. The scholarship program funds the tuition fees of the participant along with textbooks, living stipend, health insurance, and airfare. The program will facilitate the visa process as well.

The application process for the Pakistani students is opened. The Masters or the doctorate at US university begins to fall in 2018 must apply now.

How to apply?

The application process can be accessed online. Students have to submit the documents with the attestation and accurate information. Candidate must meet the certain criteria for eligibility of the program.


  • The candidate must be permanent citizens of Pakistan along with the residing and academic histories while working in Pakistan. They must be committed to serve and return Pakistan.
  • For the Master’s Program, persons have to complete 16 years of education and are encourage to apply except the MBA applicants.
  • For the D., persons must own 18 years of education. The candidates must have experience in research, teaching, and public sector.
  • The disciplines of clinical medicine are also eligible to apply. The energy, water, health, education and agriculture sectors must be the priority areas.
  • Individuals from remote areas or disadvantaged backgrounds can avail the opportunity. People from minorities sector and with disabilities can also apply.

Individuals who own dual nationality and having fiance, spouse, parent or child over 18 years of age, are a US citizen, or reside in the US are ineligible. Employees of the Fulbright organization or the US Department of State and their fiances, spouses, dependents, parents, children, siblings or persons who are already studying are also not considered.

Apply now

The candidates can apply for the program by giving two examples for USEFP.

GRE is essential according to the new scoring system with a minimum score of 138 in verbal and quantitative sections, it needs to be 136.

TOEFL is also required exam. Shortlisted applicants will be giving this test and must need to bring the proof of registration. The minimum score needs to be 90.

The application process must complete in four main requirements.

  • Filling an application form
  • Reference letters must be attached
  • GRE score report must be attached
  • Scanned copies of all the transcripts must be attached with the form

The deadline to submit the application is 17th May 2017. You can get more information from here.