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A special YouTube series will be filmed in Pakistan

Faryal Nadeem Mar 08, 2017
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Usman Khalid, Qais Sheikh, and Shail Yaqub from UKVibe.TV have launched an organization to inspire the youth. They are traveling to Pakistan to film a series for the YouTube special edition, which is known as SUCCESS STORIES.

UKVibe.TV is believed to spread the positive attitude. The foundation motivates young people and helps them to bring positive changes. No matter what is your background or which type of people is around you, it contributes to promote liveliness by spreading best attitude changes. The team creates documentary-style videos on YouTube with remarkable organizations and individuals for the betterment of the world. They do focus on producing digital content and share on social media to inspire, motivate and enlighten others.

Success Stories is a series on YouTube, which is entirely the work of UKVibe.TV. It is giving youth an opportunity to hear and read the inspirational and influential stories of the people. They have filmed at least eighteen episodes for the YouTube series Success Stories with 600000 views on the Channel. The team is hoping to focus Pakistan on the special edition episodes, which will help them to learn more the Pakistani culture and will be able to reach the larger audience.

Pakistan has its influencers, entrepreneurs and strong personalities who own great walks of life. UKVibe.TV will be starring technology geniuses, athletes, actors and start-up founders.

They state that

“This project is about the understanding people failures, struggles, successes, and lives. The stories of citizens are entirely different to ones we have already featured. A country mired in political unrest, people are creating content, launching businesses and then living it to the fullest.”

The team is planning to visit the different cities in Pakistan and film ten episodes of Success Stories with ten individuals who prove to be game changers of Pakistan. It is told that media coverage of the UKVibe.TV will inevitably increase and extend the release of individual episodes footage, documentation and filming process.

At the end of their trip, Sohail and the other team members will be providing opportunities to the students at the University of Pakistan. The students will be able to take part in the question answers session.

“The whole trip is not possible without the ZVM Rangoonwala Foundation which is based in London and many other countries. They have provided funds and enabled us to make this happen. The team members are grateful to avail this opportunity and provide support to the ZVM Rangoonwala Foundation and the Pakistan High Commission in London.”

After months of planning, the project will surely commence in the April 2017. The team is open for suggestions, series, and the places to visit in Pakistan. So do not hesitate to contact the team of UKVibe.TV.