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Waqas: a Pencil street artist wins the Glories for Pakistan

Faryal Nadeem Mar 07, 2017
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A street artist who works with a charcoal pencil has attained the honor to be named among the world top ten exceptional pencil artists of the world. Waqas Ahmad Shaiq work is outstanding, and his name is among the top artists. He is listed as the young and the most talented artist. He said that

It seems like a dream has come true because it was instrumental in highlighting the name of my country with my pencil work.

Shaiq is extremely contented and happy to be known worldwide because of his quality work. What makes him unique is that he is a Pakistani artist and owns the ability to be known with many other painters’ and artists. He can easily transform the image and visage into the beautiful work of art. He can share the beauty inside and outside with A3 sheets of pencils and paper. As a real artist, he can see what lies inside the living creature.

In many newspapers, his featured work and a short interview were published that when and how he learned to perform and make such great artwork. Shaiq has never been to art institution but still, owns such an amazing skills.

Shaiq said that work with charcoal pencil is very delicate and risky. Eraser and remover cannot be used to adjust the work accordingly. You have to be perfect in this art to draw an image. He started to practice on his skills when he was in class five then this helps to diversify the skills over the last years. Shaiq is now in his 20s, and his parents are extremely happy and contented with the effort of his son.

The work of Shaiq has reached the corridors of power and even in the military. Art has mastered the skill of drawing facial cantors from images in an elegant way. Shaiq feels that he is rewarded and deserves the glories. He mentioned that he is not rewarded as much he deserves which quenched his thirst for work.

However, no other profession ever appealed him because his since his childhood his parents had permitted him to adopt the pencil art as profession.