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Pakistanis will celebrate 70th anniversary of Pakistan creation in Dubai

Faryal Nadeem Mar 07, 2017
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The year 2017 proves to be a year of happiness. Even though the start of the year was not well but it will inevitably end great. However, Pakistani community has decided to make celebrations on the upcoming 70th anniversary of Pakistan of the 23rd March.

The celebrations will end on 24th March starting from 10th March. It offers a variety of programs, which will occur all over Dubai. The Consul General of Pakistan of UAE Syed Javed Hassan while briefing the press media on Sunday, announces the celebrations.

The occasion will be celebrated with 14 events. It is organized by the community organizations and consulate. However, the theme will be unified. Emiratis will support the Pakistani community and is honored to perform with the Pakistani school students.  The events vary from sports to stage plays.

“I hope that the Pakistani society will participate in all segments of the events. The theater play will be organized for all the Pakistani laborers. Hassan mentioned that the Dubai bases artists would perform for the community and the labor class”. The title of the play is BREAKING NEWS and will be held for all school children. Representatives from Dubai and Sharjah said that events would revive the Desi or local values. Pakistani Anwar Maqsood will attend the top poetry. The primary theme of the celebration is the four provinces of Pakistan.

Pakistan Day is also known as the Lahore Resolution celebrated on March 23rd every year. The Pakistanis celebrate this day will great enthusiasm and keenness. It proves to be a keen interest that helps to mark the success of Muslims of South Asia who passed the historic Pakistan Resolution in Lahore in 1940.

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