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Nike Unveils its Sports Hijab for Female Muslim Athletes

Amna Ansar Mar 07, 2017
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Muslim Hijab- wearing women are always been a struggle to find modest workout clothes. Finally, Sportswear giant has resolved the issue by launching Nike Pro-Hijab.

Earlier the company has released a viral video campaign featuring Middle Eastern female athletes. In global sportswear industry, Nike Pro-Hijab is the first collection of this kind. The Nike Pro-Hijab will be available in spring 2018.

The Nike Pro-Hijab is tested by elite hijab-wearing Nike athletes.

Nike took this initiative to support Muslim women. The idea first clicked in the minds of many when a hijabi runner took the field at the 2012 London Olympics.

Saira Sattar is one of the Muslim athletes who completed 800m race at London Olympics wearing a hijab. Earlier, Ruqaya al-Ghasra also completed a race at Athens Olympics 2004 and then in Beijing Olympics 2008 while wearing hijab.

Global Nike’s spokeswoman, Megan Saalfeld said: “Mission of Nike is to bring inspiration and innovation to all athletes.”

Muslim female athletes were supposed to wear normal hijab which helped them in achieving their goals to some extent while with Pro-Hijab, they would be able to perform more effectively.

Apart from religious and cultural conservatism, the temperature of Gulf and Eastern countries is very hot so players can’t perform well at this high temperature as it leads to dehydration and sometimes even suffocation.

It is designed in such a way that it would not suffocate players and would let all the accumulated sweat to evaporate.

Pro Hijabs are designed with a mesh material which is considered to be most breathable fabric as it allows all the sweat to evaporate. It is very light in weight and contains small holes allow most breathability.

In the global market, the demand of modest wear is increasing by passing days. This step will aid to remove all the barriers for Muslim hijabi athletes which they encounter while achieving their dreams.

Muslim hijabi players have diverted the attention of the world to acknowledge the need of hijabs for sportswear too.

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