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ITU’s new ranking: No Pakistani University is in top 30 of Muslim world

Amna Ansar Mar 07, 2017
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Scientometrics Lab of Information Technology University (ITU) has recently issued the latest ranking, states that no Pakistani university has made it to the top 30 institutes of the Muslim world in quality research.

The Quality Research Rankings of ITU has ranked more than 450 universities of the Muslim world.

According to ranking, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia appears at the top with a score of 10.82, while the University of Malaysia took second place with score 10.31.

The basis for the calculation of score is on the highest quality of the publication. In top 20 universities, most of the universities are of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, and Malaysia.

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The Quaid-e-Azam University of Pakistan holds the 35th place with a score of 3.21. Score for COMSATS Institute of Information Technology is 2.83, for University of Agriculture, Faisalabad is 1.89 and for National University of Science and Technology is 1.44.

The rankings are divided into two categories, broad institutes, and specialized institutes. Broad institutes are the one which is active in research in more than eight disciplines. Whereas specialized institutes are the one which is research active in subjects between three and eight.

Among 20 universities of specialized institutions of the Muslim world, two universities of Pakistan are listed.

Agha Khan University is in 6th place with score of3.48 while Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology is in 13th place with the score of 2.46.

None of the Islamic Universities are providing quality research while in comparison with Harvard which has a score of 100. While Islamic Top University got a score of 10.82.

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