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China all set to introduce cheapest electric cars in Pakistan

Amna Ansar Mar 06, 2017
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In Pakistan auto show 2017, a Chinese company has introduced cheapest electric cars. These cars cost $3000 to $5000.

The smart car is a real vehicle which works on battery and doesn’t require fuel to operate. As car don’t have the engine, so there is no need for changing oil or filter.

These vehicles are known as mini electric cars or urban micro cars. Sole agent of these Chinese manufactured cars, Khurram Aftab named them as NK smart car.

Bi-Mini EV cars have three models with three doors and four seats. These mini electric cars will be displayed for sale in Pakistan by next year.

The cars are having varying models which include economy, luxury, and comfortable models. For economy model, it costs $3000, for the comfortable model it costs $4000 and that for the luxury model it costs $5000.

The company of manufacturing cars is among the top in the field of manufacturing electric vehicles in China and it manufactures 1000 vehicles on daily basis.

On fully charged battery, the car has the tendency to run a distance of 120 kilometers at 60 kilometers per hour.

The warranty of car is five years or 80000 kilometers running. The electric cars include power window, ammonium alloy rims, disc break, central locking system, remote keys, air cooler, heater, radio, USB, AUX, video, speakers and back view camera.

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