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Facebook to add travel planning feature: City Guides

Amna Ansar Mar 05, 2017
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Facebook from near past is busy in app updates. Recently app has added new features of finding nearby Wi-Fi, meeting new people, checking the weather and much more. Now Facebook is set to add a new feature in its “More” Menu as ‘City Guides.’

City Guides will display the list of cities your friends have visited and will also recommend you the places you have to visit. It will also provide information about the upcoming events nearby you.

On clicking the city you will get to see the rounded profile icons of your friends who have already visited there. Further on tapping the profile icons of your friends will let you know about the restaurants, hotels, parks and other businesses they have visited.

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Facebook has already allowed the users to check-in via their status updates but the feature has not done much with the data. The feature seems to aid users for getting ideas about what to do to a new city or country.

The feature will help you most when you have a lot of well-travelled friends. Even when you don’t have such friend’s then feature has an option of “Places the Locals Go” which will display the list of highly rated places in the city.

Each option has bookmark icon on the right which will help you in saving the place to your favorites list. On scrolling down you will see further options of Upcoming events, Popular Attractions, etc. for now feature will just be available for major cities but not for small towns and villages.

Facebook is also coming with new updates like the built-in weather app, job posting, the Al photo search, ability to go live from desktop and much more.

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