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University of Lahore establishes certified Tier III data center for Technology department

Faryal Nadeem Mar 04, 2017
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UOL has recently established country best and first certified data center with Tier III. The data center will help to ensure the technology and innovation that is well established with the educational infrastructure. Centre is packed with the technological advancements and is EPI certified center, which will provide practical exposure to the higher educational sector in Pakistan. The data center will conclude as the future trend.

The inauguration ceremony will be held in Lahore, which was attended by M.A. Raoof, Awais Raoof, Javid Wadood, Mahmood Jabbar, University of Lahore, Country Head EPI, Munib Khawaja, TechAccess Pakistan and the senior officials of IT academia and industry.

If you are moving ahead with the global world, then UOL is the innovation, and the best data center is another milestone, which is moving towards the journey. More than 11 labs, 30,000 students, 32 departments and 4000 faculty members will get access to host virtual desktop infrastructure including campus management facilities and life cycle.

The University of Lahore has offered the data services to commercial organizations and academic services that will ensure real-time technological advancements in country.