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Samsung to set up quality assurance office for improvement of its products

Amna Ansar Mar 03, 2017
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Samsung is going to set up its quality assurance office after Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. After Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, Samsung became more concerned about quality of its products. In this regard, Samsung sets up quality assurance office.

Earlier, Samsung has released a video on YouTube to show the number of tests Samsung had to improve quality of its upcoming devices.

Due to the draw backs of Note 7, Samsung had to face lots of difficulties regarding its reputation and additionally it was also sued in many countries including South Korea.

So after getting decline in its reputation, Samsung is trying to retain it which shows Samsung has learnt a lot from its mistakes.

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The office built by Samsung is to improve quality of its devices. The office will be lead by Kim Jong-Ho, who is the expert in manufacturing and joined company in 1983.

Earlier due to his magnificent work in field of IT and electronics industries he was also honored by Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit.

The initiative taken by Samsung is to make sure that its upcoming devices won’t explode like Note 7. Samsung is trying to gain the lost trust of customers and wants its customers to know that quality is the priority of company.

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