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Pakistan to conduct first census in 19 years

Amna Ansar Mar 03, 2017
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Due to rapid increase in population of Pakistan, government made arrangements to conduct census after 19 years. Results of the census will be compiled within three months after the census.
Announcement has been made by Chief of census commissioner Asif Bajwa.
Bajwa assured the security for census takers, this responsibility is assigned to the Pakistan Army.
Bajwa told that 200,000 Army soldiers will assist the census takers during 70 day data gathering campaign.
Earlier in 2005, the World Bank has estimated the population of Pakistan to be 188.9 million, whereas country still considers the result of census of 1998 as 134.7 million.
During the survey, transgender community of country will also be included.
Political leaders have showed their concern regarding census as it will cause in decline of influence of officials due to changes in provincial demographics.
The census was scheduled in March 2016 but due to the unavailability of Pakistan Army personnel for security concern, it was postponed to March 2017.

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