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Sindh has the lowest immunization coverage

Faryal Nadeem Mar 02, 2017
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The recent report shows that Sindh and Baluchistan have the lowest vaccine coverage for children. The report mainly covers the Larkana city rate. The Dow University of Health Sciences, Associate Professor and Pakistan Pediatric Association General Secretary Dr. Khalid Shafi, said: “we need to improve and accelerate the RI coverage through the advocacy.”

He delivered a presentation on reaching every child coverage in Sindh. The workshop was titled as the Advocacy with media on Vaccine Uptake on Wednesday. The event was well organized at Avari Towers by the International Vaccine Access Centre of John Hopkins.

The main aim of the presentation and workshop is to enlight the journalists with the latest information and raise the awareness about the immunization. People have to face significant challenges related to low immunization coverage primarily focusing Sindh. Dr. Shafi told that every child is born to live and not to die. Our main aim for every child is to provide healthy life.

The Pakistan Demographic and health Survey said that out of 10000 children almost 104 die before reaching the age of five. However, further health conditions are also serious, 46.1% children are underweight in Larkana, and 21% children will be fortunate to get the breast milk. Many of the children die because they are deprived of breast milk and are not immunized.

The Sindh program has been expanded, and the coverage will increase to 45%. It is true that routine coverage is low in Karachi and the authorities have to make measurements for urban slums in Hyderabad and Karachi. The areas Landi, Baldia, Malir, Bin Qasim and other towns must be covered. The RI program has been funded with Rs 6.2 billion for consecutive five years.

Furthermore, Pakistan is taking steps to strengthen the routine immunization with the support of Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunization. It is best to protect the babies from various illness and severe health conditions including pneumonia, deafness, brain damage, paralysis, and seizures.

There are common myths regulated among the people about the vaccines that they are ineffective and weakens the immune system. Another myth is that these vaccines cause disorders and serious illnesses such as immune dysfunction, eczema, asthma, allergic rhinitis, neurological disorders, diabetes, infant death syndrome, and autism. Therefore, the increased RI coverage will truly be beneficial for the country. The vaccines are the greatest invention, and it will protect the people from infectious diseases. He stressed and said that we have to save the children and future of Pakistan and the vaccination of rotavirus will also be added in the RI program next month.