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Restaurant in Multan to provide Robotic Waiter Service to its customers

Amna Ansar Mar 02, 2017
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Have you ever being served by Robot? In Multan a pizza place, is now going to serve its precious customers with Robotic Waiters.

Amazingly, the Robot is built by a graduate of NUST to serve food in his father’s restaurant in Multan. Cost of the robot is almost Rs. 0.4 Million.

Syed Usama Aziz is an electrical engineer and graduated from National University of Science and Technology. It took 8 months to him to build robot for serving customers at his father’s restaurant.

The Robotic Waiter has tendency to greet the customers, take orders, can serve food to customers and have tendency to come back to counter.

Usama Aziz wanted to go abroad for studies of robotics but his father motivated him to stay in country and prove his intelligence.

After which he started following his passion in Pakistan. Then he decided to make improvements in his father’s restaurant. To increase efficiency of restaurant he made robots for serving food to customers.

The robot is currently in beta phase at Multan branch of restaurant. He also wants to have same robots in Hyderabad branch. Further he plans to improve its efficiency by enabling it to get orders in Future.


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