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Nigerian Engineer has to pass the written Test at New York airport: But why?

Faryal Nadeem Mar 02, 2017
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The Nigerian software engineer claims that he has to pass the written exam at the US airport. The border officer at the New York JFK airport handed him the test just to prove the credentials. The Filipinos on social media critics proposed a death penalty bill.

The Software Engineer from Lagos, Nigeria claims that he was asked to sit for a written test conducted by the US airport immigration officers. They were not convinced that the engineer is telling the truth about the skills. According to the social networking site LinkedIn, the man Celestine Omin is 28 years old who landed on the JFK airport last Sunday after the 24-hour flight from Nigeria. Mr. Omin is employed by the technology start-up offices in New York known as Andela.

The start-up company is also in San Francisco and Nairobi. The firm affirms that it is hiring the talented developers from the African continent, which allows to connect them with the technology employers. The Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg also visited the Andela office last year in Lagos. Mr. Omin was visiting New York on the short-term visa to provide assistance to the company in the Manhattan district.

He was asked several questions by the US Customs and the Border Protection officer and was also checked. However, an officer told Omin that your visa says that you are a software engineer. So is it correct?

He was then given a piece of paper and pen and asked to answer the questions to prove that he is a software engineer.

“Now Write a function to check if a Binary Search Tree is balanced.”

“What is an abstract class, and why do you need it?”

Mr. Omin mentioned on LinkedIn that he Googled the questions because the questions were given as if someone does not have a technical background. He also mentioned on Twitter that after a 24- hour flight he was too tired to think and told the officer that he could talk about the concepts of the computer science.

However, Omin managed to answer the questions and was told by an officer that the answers are wrong. Then he mentioned that he was required to provide a Wikipedia definition for the questions.

Omin also told that he was surprised by the behavior of the officer when he told him that he is free to go. And mentioned that I am going to let you go, but you do not look convincing to me.

I did not say anything back and quietly walked out. Later on, the border protection officers might have confirmed Andela and verified his story.

The Customs and Border Protection spokesperson told BBC that officers strive hard to treat all people arriving in the country must be given respect and dignity.

Nigeria is not one of the seven countries which were not under the immigration pause. The African countries have been struggling from a quite while with the threat of terrorism from the militant Islamist group known as Boko Haram.

Mr. Trump is strict about the US protection and continuously called for Strong borders protection and final vetting since he took office.

Filipinos are against the death penalty and are raising voice against it with the hashtag #NoToDeath Penalty. The lawmakers passed the bill, which is still under changes to become law.

~Via Social News Team BBC