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Facebook step for suicide prevention

Faryal Nadeem Mar 02, 2017
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Recently, Facebook plans to use AI and will update the tools to prevent the suicide attempts. The services provided by Facebook will be exceptional. The world’s largest social network intends to integrate the existing suicide prevention tools for Facebook posts into the live streaming feature, Messenger service, and Facebook live. Artificial intelligence will also be used to spot users who tend to attempt the suicide.

In January 14-year-old foster child have broadcasted her suicide. It was telecasted on Facebook live. Facebook is using artificial intelligence to monitor the offensive material present in the live video streams. The company says that on Wednesday, the tools will be updated and give option to the users to watch a live video to reach the person directly and report video to Facebook.

Facebook incorporation will provide all the necessary resources, which includes contacting a helpline and reaching the friend. It will assist the user reporting. Suicide is the leading cause of death, which is increasing among the adult of age 19 -30 years. Death rates increases to 24 percent in the US between  1999 and 2014. The rate has been decreased, and a constant decline has been observed.