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YouTube offers better streaming service than cable TV

Faryal Nadeem Mar 01, 2017
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Now you do not have to use the old and boring cable TV connection because YouTube offers best streaming television service, which offers bundles of live channels and entertainment to users. Youtube directly challenges the Google-owned network for pay TV.

Youtube TV aims to target the younger generation who seek fun and entertainment. Youngsters want quick access to the news, programs, and films that can be received without a subscription. Now you do not need a satellite service because YouTube new service allows its subscribers to get access on any connected device. No matter, whether you are a fan of sports networks or entertainment channels, you will get instant updates.

YouTube TV will cost at least $35 per month, and only six users are allowed to use it. It will compete with other Dish Networks, AT&T, and DirecTV. Wojcicki told in a press conference that YouTube TV is designed specifically for the needs of a new generation of TV fans who wants to watch their desired content.

Youtube TV will combine with the user content from Google-owned video sharing service to deliver customized for viewing screens from smartphones to big screens. The service will be launched in the US markets where local content can be provided to users. YouTube responds quickly and helps to expand availability.

People can access a limitless recording of shows on various servers hosted in the Internet cloud so it can be saved for streamed viewing convenience. TV will be accessed quickly with the Internet-linked devices and must be streamed easily by using Google Chrome cast screens.

Users have to follow the privacy policy because the unauthorized users will be banned permanently from YouTube. The technology will soon introduce the fingerprints copyright to identify the unauthorized uploads. It is assumed that the cable companies will soon be locked.