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Ajoka team will rule the US stage with ‘DARA’ play

Faryal Nadeem Mar 01, 2017
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Ajoka theatre team, of 17 members have left for US to perform the Dara play. The team of skilled and best performers will be performing at the memorial hall of University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill on March 2.

The team is led by the Executive Director of Ajoka and the captivating writer Shahid Nadeem including members Usman Raj, Nirvan Nadeem, Uzma Kharal, Sohail Tariq, Nayab Faiza, Furqan Majeed, Talha Akhtar and Muhammad Qaisar.

Dara play revolves around the ideological and political conflict between Dara Shikoh and Aurangzeb. It is widely performed in India and Pakistan. The play will be performed in Urdu along with English, supertitles.

Before the departure of Shahid Nadeem, Ajoka Theater was delivering the message of peace, tolerance, goodwill and religious harmony in US. It was the Dara Shikoh message that is appropriate and important to spread across continents. The director told that Ajoka is performing second time and has staged Amrika Chalo, which was a political satire on US-Pakistan relation in 2015 in Washington at Davis Performing Arts Centre, Georgetown University.

National Theater of UK produced the English adaption of Dara in 2015, which is crowned with British Prestigious Eastern Eye award in May 2016. The 36 shows won the heart of audience in Lyttelton Theatre London and received standing ovations.

Ajoka performance is assumed to be a part of festival Sacred/Secular: A Sufi journey which is an exploration of Sufism as the cultural and spiritual lens into Islam via the work of talented performers from the major Muslim countries mainly Iran, Pakistan, Senegal and Indonesia.