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Moto and Huawei are set to replace android key with a touchpad.

Amna Ansar Feb 28, 2017
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During this year’s Mobile World Congress, android phone makers have been seen at culmination.

The contact buttons which are signature buttons of android phones for many years are now being replaced. Whereas, Sony and LG have already moved towards the usage of on-screen software buttons by ranging themselves with Google’s preferences.

During MWC 2017 it has been seen that a change was made by Huawei and Moto in their handsets which neither has capacitive nor software keys.

Huawei and Moto are to introduce new kind of home buttons, which is not a button but instead a touch-sensitive surface.

The innovation in the button is that it now has gestures and taps to turn back, home and recent apps into only one-button user surface.

Huawei is following the approach that only one tap to go back, long press to go home and swipe to bring up the menu.

Whereas, Moto is following slightly different approach like swipe left to go back, right for multi tasking and only a single tap to go home.

The new change will help in integration of fingerprint scanner on Huawei and Moto’s upcoming smart phones.

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