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Summer Season will hit Pakistan sooner

Faryal Nadeem Feb 27, 2017
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This year 2017, Pakistanis will have to experience the climate change sooner. It is expected that mercury will rise across Pakistan in the upcoming 10-15 days. The Chief of Meteorological department of Pakistan, Dr, Ghulam Rasul told that temperatures would likely to touch 30 degrees in the mid of March.

He also stated that the mercury level would reach to 30 degrees and it might be possible that it will cross 30 Degree in the parts of Punjab including Islamabad.

Most of the people, especially Lahoris think that summer has started, but actually, it is the peak of spring season in the whole country which will last for at least 10 days. The spells of showers are expected in the month of March. However, the onset pollen season will also start this year ad expected to be in a high concentration of pollens mainly in the clear skies. While in April, wheat harvesting season is expected because the temperature in the parts of Sindh will surely touch 40 Degrees.

During the month of May and April, the rivers will have enough water to cater the needs of population.

Ghulam Rasul added that Pakistan had received significant heavy snowfall in the northern areas. The snow is melting at a rapid rate in the month of April which will increase the water inflow in the major water reservoirs of the country to mitigate the water shortage in the month of Amy. The impact of climate change was visible last year in August.

Last September, the monsoon season does not provide enough rainfall to Pakistan, and until December the dry spell has worsened the situation because of the water crisis in country. Even the winter season started late in January and prevailed for one and a half month under the influence of climate change.

The massive snowfall was the positive thing that happened this winter. The rainfall accumulation is recorded moderate in the last 24 days while the rainfall in January 2017 remained above standard which covers the deficient faced in December 2016.

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