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Sindh Bomb disposal squad to get five robots and costly gadgets

Amna Ansar Feb 27, 2017
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Due to high rate of terrorism in the country, provincial government has allowed the bomb disposal unit for procurement of gadgets, tools, and five robots. Decision was made by the government to modernize the bomb disposal unit.

The Bomb disposal squad is permitted to own anti-IED robots, explosive detectors, pocket jammers and bomb locators.

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“Due to an increase number of terrorism incidents in the country, it is the necessity of country to have capacity building of the bomb disposal unit. This all will be done through the Sindh police budget” an official told to the Dawn news.

He further added that Sindh police currently has only one robot which was donated by United Kingdom. This kind of robot costs Rs 10 Million and Sindh Government is planning to procure five of them in one go.”

These anti-IED robots comprises of large number of sensors, jammers, thermal and infrared cameras, extendable robotic limbs and a gun. The robot has the tendency to transfer its signals to the operator who could be kilometer away.

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Robot is rechargeable and has the capacity to function for 10 hours without being recharged. Robot has the capability to detect the bomb or other explosives. After detecting bomb, robot can destroy it by using jammers, water gun or simply by firing it.

Sindh police is also set to acquire 31 explosive detectors, 10 portable ID jammers, 20 pocket jammers, 7 bomb locators, 4 disrupting pig sticks, 48 safety goggles and 14-high definition binoculars.

Sindh police is also seeking bids from national and international suppliers of such gadgets.

For handling gadgets and robots, bomb disposal squad will get training from British Army and FBI United States.

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