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Pak Prime Minister have lifted ban on the Gas connection

Faryal Nadeem Feb 25, 2017
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Pakistan Prime has lifted the ban on the gas connection for at least 55 constituencies. It consists of influential politicians and the union ministers from ruling PMLN party including his son in law known as Muhammad Safdar. Pakistan People’s Party government has imposed a ban on the new connections on 2011 because of the severe shortage of natural gas. According to Dawn, the son in law Sharif has relaxed the ban for Jamiat Ulema Islam  F Chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman, which is the constituencies of MNAs who belong and rule PMLN.

It is reported that 35 cases are pending and the PM has refused to sign proposals for connecting unserved areas with Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited.

SNGPL counsel has submitted the details to Islamabad High Court. It happened when Advocate Jahangir Jadoon who seeks gas connections for a village in Pakistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province filed the petition.

According to the legal experts and judgment, Supreme Court said that Prime Minster approval must release direct funds for projects, which were illegal.

Supreme Court observes that the constitution must not permit the allocation of resources to MPAs, MNAs, and the notables of the prime minister or CM. If any practice of funds has been allocated, the notables at the sole discretion of CM and PM will be conducted illegal and obviously unconstitutional.

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