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LG X Power 2 to launch with massive battery at MWC

Amna Ansar Feb 25, 2017
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LG is going to launch its new G6 flagship phone at upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC). Along with G6 phone, LG is also updating X Power to the X Power 2.

LG X Power is updating to X Power 2 with massive battery. The capacity of the battery is 4,500 mAH. Company claimed that this capacity will able users to watch videos for almost 15 hours.

Additionally with this capacity user can surf the web for 18 hours and can use GPS for 14 hours. The updates handset will be charged 50% after an hour. Full recharge of battery requires only 2 hour or even less.

Company claims that battery lasts for whole weekend without being recharged.

The set comprises of 5.5-inch HD LCD display with 5MP front camera for selfies and 13 MP back camera. It also has Bluetooth 4.2. microUSB, LTE and Wi-fi.

The handset will be currently available at Latin America and will be launched in United States, Europe and Asia after sometime. Price is expected to be of $250 or $300 price.

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