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iPhone battery bug has been resolved

Faryal Nadeem Feb 25, 2017
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If you are an iPhone 6 user, then you might have experienced that your iPhone has been shut randomly. It mostly happens when 30% of the battery is left. However, you are not alone who is facing this problem. Many users have reported the problem because the bug is annoying. There is no fix for it, and Apple refused to acknowledge the issue.

Apple told in a statement that the bug is fixed in the recent version of iOS, which was on January 23. Apple also commented on matter and said that

Apple made improvements and have reduced the occurrences of unexpected shutdown of the iPhone. Very small number of users has experienced the problems, but with iOS 10.2.1, almost 50% of the active users can solve their problems. Apple has received the diagnostic data and depicts that small percentage of users will experience the issue shortly. Results show that 80% reduction has been observed in iPhone 6s while 70% reduction on iPhone 6.

The phones also have the ability to restart them without the power only if the user still faces the problem of an unexpected shutdown. Remember that unexpected shutdown is not a safety issue. The problem may be inconvenient and needs to be fixed quickly. If customer faces the further issue, then contact AppleCare.

If the iPhone shuts down randomly, then upgrade the latest version of iOS. Just go Settings> General> Software update.

The recent software has updated the problem. Apple support specialists told customers that bug would be fixed in January. Recently this week the Apple posts a job for big data senior scientist for working on the development of battery. This will prevent significant customer event and will monitor the trends by working with cross-functional engineering to solve the problem.

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