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Facial recognition system will soon be started at Pakistan Airports

Faryal Nadeem Feb 25, 2017
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The Japanese Government agrees to grant 4.4 million to Pakistan. This will help to improve the security level by installing the Facial recognition system at airports. The assistance has been provided by the Japan International Cooperation Agency that seeks to provide an improvement to the airport security at three main international airports including Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Islamabad Airport and the Lahore International Airport.

Japan promises to grant at least 200 Japanese Yen last year for security measurements. Pakistan has faced terrorism challenges since years, so the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority is trying to restructure the security system, which will upgrade the security equipment to meet the international standards.

The innovative technology is merely for the facial recognition system, which will take place along with the Security Monitoring CCTV camera system. The face images will be monitored via computers and help to identify the terrorists for the suspicious activity. This will safeguard passengers, airlines, assets, belongings, aircraft and officials from the illegal interference. Japan assists Pakistan in the installation of X-ray devices, which at Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad implemented last year. The Economic and Social Development Program have taken a step towards the developing countries with which it supports the social development and economic progress by providing the advanced Japanese Technologies.

The record of the discussion and official note has been exchanged in the Economic Affairs Division. Tariq Pasha who is the Secretary Economic Affair Division and HE Takashi Kurai, the Ambassador of Japan, have signed Exchange of Note and Record of Discussion on behalf of the government.

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