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1400 shabby schools seek attention of Sindh government.

Amna Ansar Feb 25, 2017
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Since last five years government of Sindh is fail to provide funds for the maintenance of educational institutes.

At sindh 1400 buildings are in dilapidated condition and require the attention of Sindh Government. Almost 1400 primary and secondary schools in district are in very critical condition and attains the attention of government.

A focal person Zulfiqar Bhatti of primary education from the Mirpurkhas district claimed that government from past 5 years is fails in provision of funds for the education in the district and hence result in the shabby condition of almost 1400 institutes.

The condition of the buildings of educational institutes is the serious threat to the lives of students and teachers at institutes.

He further claimed that in most of the schools the students are taught in open air and under the trees while sitting on ground.

Administration has written many applications to higher authorities and told about the alarming condition of the schools, but no funds are provided from last 5 years for unknown cause.

Many times education department also sent the list of the affected buildings of schools, but no major steps have been taken yet.

He told that educational officer of primary schools Syed Wajid Ali Shah is making efforts to open the closed institutions and till now have opened almost 140 schools by posting required number of teacher there.

He said that some of the buildings at Taluka Sindhri have been repaired by the help of local residents and by school management committee funds.

He hoped that government will own their application and will provide funds for improvement of shabby condition of the buildings and will aid in continual of education system at the district.

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