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ModulusTech offers housing solution for Pakistanis in less than 2 lakh

Faryal Nadeem Feb 24, 2017
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It is true that people are displaced from their homes rapidly. People have to bear the consequences of natural catastrophes such as the incident happened in October 2007. The earthquake has wreaked havoc in the northern areas, and almost 4 million people have left their homes and settled in the refugee camps.

However, even after a decade, people were still looking for a permanent shelter and calmness. It is imperative to look for a cost efficient housing solution, which is reliable and does not take a long time to build. However, the solution ModulusTech undoubtedly offers future calamities.

ModulusTech is a great upcoming startup, which provides reliable and efficient housing solution in less than 2 lakh rupees. The founders have worked tirelessly to offer the great social cause of addressing the needs of IDPs as well as other major provinces of Pakistan.

The BIM and the solar energy simulations will provide a cost-effective model, which is built in just three hours. They plan to collaborate with the other social organizations, which will help to leave a significant impact. The team worked on the Final year project until graduation and once their degree completes their project was doomed.

The three talented students from the NED University of Engineering and Technology decide to take a step to form a company ModulusTech that is incubated in January 2017. They aim to provide fast housing solution, which can be implemented in short period.

They have also proposed innovative designs by following the global trade off standards regarding constraints such as modularity, sustainability, strength, weight, quality, and cost. The intelligent students are committed to use the green materials for the environment-friendly project.

They have spent one year in through research and various experiments. The team builds a house of 230 square ft. that can be constructed with at least three workers in three hours. The house has a lifespan of at least 10 years and is equipped with all the necessities like ventilation, plumbing, and electricity. It is cyclone and earthquake resistant as well.

While building the house, the construction must be done in a modular technique that is lightweight components and labor requirement. The intelligent students enjoyed the research because they offered a competitive solution.

Nabeel said that the

They want to create an impact, in particular for the slums and IDPs. People of the affected areas will be able to get advantage from this project. The state of the refugee camps is worse and gives birth to make other issues. However, we wanted to give a solution to Pakistan and then will take it to the international level. The housing solution can assist to create entire colonies and just days. Technology is growing exponentially, and it is essential to fulfil the basic needs. So we are trying to fill the gap by creating a link.


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