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Facebook will allow you to add your country flag to your profile

Amna Ansar Feb 24, 2017
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Facebook has just introduced feature of Profile Frames, which will let users to attach their country flag as their national identity on their profile pictures. For this purpose facebook has added 200 flags to its profile frames feature. The flag will be pinned at the corner of profile window.

Initially feature was introduced to show support for favorite team, now it is updated to mark the country of user.

The feature will seem to have a warm-hearted gesture of good faith.

The update seems to turn facebook as a unified platform for Global Community.

The flags will be added either for the web version or for the mobile version.

For using the feature, users just have to click on ‘Add frame’ on the profile picture for iOS and Android applications of facebook.

Users can also add it by visiting the wall of friend who is already using the feature and by tapping on ‘Try it’ option.

The feature will let you create your own online identity.

By the start of this month, CEO of Facebook has published an open letter of 5,800 words.

Mark Zuckerberg expressed that he want to bring different communities together and want to let people of same interest to come close to know each other better.

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